I was trained in Central Press Photos, Fleet St., London, in black and white film processing and printing. This was followed by practical experience in the field of press photography covering just about every aspect of the craft from sitting on the touchline at Whitehart Lane, to covering a speech given by the Prime Minister or a Debutant fashion show.
I then moved into the commercial side of photography, which included architectural work for The Milton Keynes Development Corporation, during the initial growth of the “New Town”. This involved both studio work and onsite.
Since moving over to digital photography, I find myself spending hours in front of the computer, instead of standing in a locked darkroom.
I now freelance and sell my work through various websites, from which I have had publications in magazines, stills shown on B.B.C. and I.T.V. News and also had images used for companies producing greetings cards.
Photography has been my life and passion for over 50 years and I intend it to continue so for many more years to come.

Who am I?